Did you know that sometimes your business is better off when your employees aren't working? Would you believe that you can improve your company's productivity by encouraging your staff to take a vacation? We would.

You know from your own experience that it's true: Employees are more energetic, more creative, and more committed when they periodically get away from it all. Even your best, never-miss-a-day workers do better when they take a break and explore the world around them; when they regain some perspective and reset the balance between work and leisure.

Enlightened companies understand that people are their capital and that corporate profits derive from people's energy and inventiveness. These companies ensure that employees have a chance to recharge their minds and bodies. It is an integral part of their business strategy.

Understanding the importance of getting away and actually doing it are two different things. Here's the irony: While your employees recognize the importance of taking time for themselves, their good intentions often don't lead to action. You may know from your own experience. How many times have you thought about taking that long weekend escape, but just never got around to planning it? How many vacation days have you used to "run some errands" or "get caught up on odds and ends"? You know the feeling of returning to work unrefreshed and unfulfilled.

Committed, busy employees face the same problem. Working hard, they never start planning. Or they make mistakes with the details, finding themselves at a resort they don't like, paying too much, not enjoying themselves, and returning to the office in anything but a ready-to-work frame of mind.

That is where Rosenfeld Group comes in. We are management consultants dedicated to planning meaningful escapes for today's business professionals. Rosenfeld Group specializes in planning leisure travel for people on the go. We're not like the travel agent down at the mall. Sure, we'll make your reservations and get your tickets. But our core value comes from consulting with your employees, learning what's important to them in their ultimate vacation, and then building the perfect, personalized trip to meet their needs. We are destination planners.

You dream it and Rosenfeld Group will build it.
And we'll place it with the airline, cruise ship or tour company that makes sense for you - not with the ones that pay the highest commissions or offer special travel agent incentives. We work for you and for your employees.

Learn more about Rosenfeld Group's services:

  • Personal Itineraries give your employees a chance to rest, relax, and recharge alone, with friends, or with family

  • Group Tours provide employees with a chance to share their travel experiences with others

  • Incentive Programs, retreats, and off-site meetings are a great way to motivate the team in a fresh, new environment

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